Take a screen break

with Pals with Paws

A cuddly toy to help elementary schoolers reduce screen time and feelings of loneliness, Pals with Paws seamlessly introduces short breaks to move and interact between virtual classes.

Price $90

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Screen Time


 physical movement

Lift mood



Provides sense

of purpose

Bite-sized breaks alleviate screen fatigue and generate creativity

Moving actions prompt you to stand up and engage in light physical activity

Feeling actions prompt you to perform acts of care for your pal in return for an affirmation of gratitude

The snuggly pet responds when you interact with it, providing physical comfort in a digital world

Learn responsibility by taking care of your pal and gaining a sense of accomplishment





How does Pals with Paws work?



Name your pal, set up your account, and import your class schedule to get alerts that fit seamlessly into your virtual school day.


                 Get connected


When you receive your pet in the mail, pair it to our tablet-friendly application or our desktop-friendly web app to start your journey with your pal!


                 Complete Daily Challenges

We’ll send you customized Moving and Feeling actions throughout the day to make your breaks between classes more fun. Your pal lights up or vibrates when you complete each action. 


                 Play with Friends

If you like, you can connect with friends on Pals with Paws! Give them a high five, complete a Team Challenge, or play a game with them!


                 Customize your pal

Unlock accessories by completing challenges so you can customize your pal!

Interact with your pal


I was sick and tired of sitting at my desk all day, but now I get to run around with my Pal between classes, and my mom doesn’t have to tell me to ‘Sit still!’ while I’m on my Zoom classes anymore.


7 years old, Detroit, MI

“I wish I could hug my grandma, but because of the virus, I only get to FaceTime her sometimes. Now I can hold my Pal and take care of it just like my grandma takes care of me.


9 years old, Seattle, WA

Team Guava

Tori Chang

Project Manager

Sean Geier


Runa Morioka

UX Designer

Casey Carlson

Business Analyst

Lena Stein

Product Designer


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